Handstand Q & A in Kiev

We’ve been hanging out in Kiev and literally training our butts off and our shoulders on for about a week now. And since we’re surrounded by amazing handbalancers 24/7 we came up with a fun idea:

Why not do a Q&A with all of us, answering some of the questions we hear often?

So in this video you’ll see a little casual gettogether with 6 handbalancers, talking about all hanstands and training. Featured in this video from left to right:

Sitting on the sofa:

Sitting on the floor:

To give you a little bit of context here:

Kim and Luis were so amazing as to invite us to Kiev to see the Academy of Circus and Variety Arts, where they study handbalance. This school is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in regards to the handbalance level. This school has brought out some of the best handbalancers in the world, such as Andrey Moraru, Pavel Stankevich, Andrey Spatar and Artur Bezkorinny, just to name a few of the many many amazing people who studied and developed their skills there. I will definitely give you a review once our experience here is over, so definitely stay posted for that.

Join the conversation and let me know your thoughts on our answers!

The world is your playground, so just go ahead and do whatever you love!


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