Ulrik Ask Fossum on taking the next steps

How exciting to meet Ulrik again after such a long time. It’s been about a year since our first interview (click here if you haven’t seen it yet). He came to Vienna to perform at the “Bodyweight Day”, a big bodyweight training convention, where different sports an disciplines meet. And afterwards he gave a workshop and I got the pleasure to learn from him and hang out togehter. I owe this man so much. He helped me to lay the foundation of what I know about the handbalance practice. Many things have happened in his life and practice, so in this interview he gives us a fresh view on things. He’s just about to transfer his life from Oslo to Vienna, and since Ivo and I are moving to California this summer, he will take our beloved apartment, where his own home handstand studio will be waiting for him.

Besides teaching and developing more handbalancers, he is just starting out his performing carreer, which I find super interesting – especially because of his background. Ulrik never took any classes in performing arts. He didn’t even exercise until he decided to stop being overweight! He’s a truly self-made handbalancer who has the courage of going for hard training and putting himself out there. Recently he joined the big Show “Norway’s got talent”. But unfortunately he’s not allowed to tell us anything about it yet… We will have to wait until October to find out how the Show went for him.

I’m so lucky to know this guy and call him my friend and I’m so excited for what his future brings!

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  1. so nice to see you both together! And very fun trying to do the intro 😀 Hope to see you soon!

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