Kim Alicia Gerlach on Circus School Life and becoming Pro

This episode is about a little hero I met here in Kiev.

Kim just finished her first year at the Circus School and tells us about what she’s experiencing, being in one of the best schools (or probably even THE best school) for handbalance.
I knew her a little from Instagram, but when I met her in real life, I was fascinated by her spirit and persona.
She is like a little ball of energy with big ambitions and a lot of courage. What struck me the most was that she was so brave to choose her own path, even though there is no circus or sports background in her family.
Coming to a foreign country with a different culture and a language you don’t understand isn’t easy for sure. But she knows what she wants and she is willing to work for it.

Inspiring Circus School Life

I watched her practice and we hung out for about a week before she had to leave back to Germany over the summer. I saw that even with an injury (she broke her rib while doing flags a few weeks ago), you can keep practicing and make things work around your injury.
It’s so inspiring to see how you can keep going despite the difficulties in your body and around you and how the passion for the art of handbalance can drive you.

I hope this interview gives you a glance at the very unique life the students of the circus school have here in Kiev. And I also hope this gives you a boost!

By the way, Kim is one of the nicest, most generous people and she just started her own Youtube channel!
Be sure to check her out on Instagram and Youtube, where she shares some of here handbalance knowledge and tutorials!

Instagram: @xkimaliciax

Youtube: xkimaliciax

The world is your playground, so just go ahead and do whatever you love!


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