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I’m Soundschi and I’m obsessed with handbalancing! I deeply fell in love with it on our honeymoon in November 2017 at the age of 28. From that point on my passion was lit and I decided to learn anything I can and do whatever I need to do to learn this beautiful art.

I truly believe that the times we live in offer us the best opportunities to live a joyful and playful life and that it’s essential to do what really makes you happy. Being the happiest and alivest version of yourself will not only improve every aspect of your own life, but also the lives of all the people around you.

Handbalancing is my home. I love the change of perspective and the feeling of grabing the world with my hands. For so long I didn’t realise how important it was to me, to let my body express itself through the art of movement. In handbalancing I found a simple artform that is not only beautiful and stunning to look at but can also be practiced wherever I go. 

If you are familiar with thoughts like it’s too late to learn this thing you’re actually craving for, or that you don’t have what it takes, or you don’t have the right to take the time for yourself (but in your dreams it’s you appearing on the stage) my website is dedicated to you – don’t let anybody decide for you what you can or cannot do! This space is filled with tools and inspiration for your own personal handbalancing practice and will always have your back, when you need to get unstuck :).

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It is all about handstands and more handstands. Because honestly, that’s all I’m obsessed with. After we got married, Ivo and I left our home to travel the world and create the life of our dreams. He’s a photographer and film maker and since we’re on our way, I decided to meet with as many handbalancers as possible to learn from and connect with likeminded people. So here’s the Soundschi-Land Show! We pour our hearts into it to offer you helpful tips and tricks to improve your handstands and encourage you to make your own handstand dreams a reality.

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Online Coaching

I will help you get comfortable on two hands and build a solid base from which you can develop, well, whatever you want!

Everybody is different and there is no program that fits everybody. So it can get overwhealming if you don’t know how to implement all the information out there in your individual case. After a thorough assessment of your situation and your goal, you will get a program that will adress whatever needs to be adressed to reach your goal. 

In specific I can help you with:

– two arm handstand related goals

– splits, bridging and general flexibility

– implementation and consistency

How does it work?

1. We start with a skype call to assess your goal and your current situation 

2. You receive a program in written form and in video that will be adapted to your ongoing changes and progresses.

3. I will request feedback through an assignment I give you once a week, but you can send me form correction requests, videos of progresses or further questions at any time. The more info and feedback I get from you, the better we can work out your program and adapt it to changes. Further Skype calls can be scheduled when needed.

4. The minimum commitment if you’re entering the online coaching for the first time is 3 months. During this time we can make visible changes.

The amount of spots I take for coaching is limited to ensure a good quality of coaching. The cost per 4 weeks is 200€.

Wanna sign up or have further questions?

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