I’m Soundschi and I’ve created this platform to help you develop your handstand practice!

My own obsession started when I was 28 (which I thought was pretty late). But eversince I started, handbalancing has transformed my life and taken me through an interesting path of traveling the world, meeting high level handbalancers, learning and sharing my experiences with you guys.

I’ve been learning and teaching ever since I got hooked (I’ve been a Personal Trainer since 2012) and I hope that my journey and the FREE RESOURCES I provide here support you in improving your own handstands!

And if you ever feel like your getting stuck in a lonesome practice and need some personal help with your handstands, join my LIVE & ON DEMAND CLASSES ! We have an amazing community of handbalancers who are all at different stages of their journey, but are all in it together!

Stop falling out of your handstand!

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It is all about handstands and more handstands. Because let’s be honest, they are pretty addictive. My husband Ivo and I started this show when we traveled the world and connected with a ton of handbalancers. We figured that not everyone has the chance to do what we did and we wanted to share the experience and the many things that the handbalancers had to say. Now that we’re settled in California we’re extending the show to keep the conversation and the fuel for your training going!

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Online Coaching

Virtual Gym

Join my online live & on demand classes on Zoom to create a consistent and structured practice to get your handstand!

The Gym membership additionally includes:

– Flexibility classes that are targeted at developing your pancake, splits and backbends.  

– Daily Movement classes that keep you balanced and help prevent, or come back after an injury.

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1 on 1 Coaching

After a thorough assessment of your specific situation and your goal, you will get a program that will address what you need to get where you want. We’ll figure out your specific limiting factors and target them in an efficient way.

How does it work?

1. We start with a skype call to assess your goal and your current situation 

2. You receive a program in written form and in video that will be adapted to your ongoing changes and progresses.

3. I will request feedback through an assignment I give you once a week, but you can send me form correction requests, videos of progresses or further questions at any time. The more info and feedback I get from you, the better we can work out your program and adapt it to changes. Further Skype calls can be scheduled when needed.

4. The minimum commitment if you’re entering the online coaching for the first time is 3 months. During this time we can make visible changes.

The amount of spots I take for coaching is limited to ensure a good quality of coaching. The cost per 4 weeks is 200€.

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It’s never too late to do what you love!


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