Ulrik Ask Fossum on Patience and Commitment in Handbalance


This episode, my friend, is a very special one.

If you have troubles with commiting to your goal of mastering a one-arm-handstand or if your emotions are all over the place when you train, you can learn A LOT from this guy. Ulrik Ask Fossum has been my coach for the last seven months and I am proud to say, that I’ve had the opportunity to learn from him, as he is one of the most “get to the point, cut the bullshit and just do your work” kind of guy, which has helped me a lot in my training. I do get obsessed very easily with things (meaning handstands) and have my emotional ups and downs when things don’t go as I expect. Ulrik has been the guy to let me know that it’s all part of the process and has knocked some needed sense into my head.

It’s hard to believe that this guy was overweight in his teens. After phases of weight lifting to build a nice physique and marathon running he finally found his “thing” after seing Yuval Ayalon doing a one arm handstand. And he has been commitet and made it part of his life ever since he decided that he wants to be as good as possible at it. So for the last 5 years Ulrik has invested a lot of time and effort into building the handstands he has today, working with and learning from circus artists Mikael Kristiansen for 3 years and Nikolo Kehrwald for 6 months and nerding about the art, to make some sense of it. He is a coach himself and is very deliberate and methodical at that, but never cuts short on humor.

In this interview Ulrik tells us all about his journey as a handbalancer and a coach and his perspective on what is required to get to a one-arm-handstand. If you wanna know how much time and effort it takes, whatch this episode. Afterwards, leave a comment below and let us know what you’re struggeling with right now in your handstand journey!

The world is your playground, so just do what you love <3

– Soundschi

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