Morgan Lee on Handstandlife and becoming a Performer

Open the curtains for part two of my awesome visit with the Lee brothers! This time Morgan and I talked a little bit about his experience and what they’ll be up to next, after having reached such a high level in such a short amount of time. As Josh already said in our interview last week, getting more experience in performing takes up a big part in their plans for the future.

This is where it gets exciting! You can focus on technique for a long time (which is required by all means) until you realize that putting all of your skills into the context of a performance on stage, where you need to hit your tricks on a very stable and consistent basis under the influence of adrenaline and unknown circumstances, is a whole other story.

Having danced and performed for a big part in my life I had the most amazing time with these guys, having been able to explore handbalancing beyond repetitive technique drills over and over again. Jamming, trying out new stuff, brainstorming and researching ideas… life should always be like that!

Morgan is a machine. We played games and challenged eachother. I had him do shape sequences I did on two arms on one arm and he just went ahead and nailed them first try. So when he says that he and Josh spent the majority of their waking hours training, I totally believe him. This is a type of dedication you don’t get to experience first hand very often. What really impressed me was the tiny amount of preparation they took to get into splits and on their hands. Basically they can roll out of bed and do high level handstands without really warming up.

These guys are definitely up to something and I’m very very curious to see what they come up with in the next few years.


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Doing handstands with these guys once again made me experience the power of environment for my practice and progress (as I talked about in one of my previous episodes. Click here to watch it!)


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