The Story around Handstand Diary

Little did I know what meeting Max (@max_handbalancing) would lead to… As on every trip, Ivo and I were going to meet some handbalancers we had been connecting with through Instagram. So when we went to Amsterdam to spend New Years with my family, we checked out the people that would be in the area.

Lets meet with Max!

Max and I had been following and supporting eachothers handstand journeys for a while and I was really looking forward to meeting him, as we are at a similar stage in handstands. So we smashed ourselves with fingertip holds and when we were done, he suddenly popped the question:

“I had this idea and I hope you’re on board. You’re always the one who asks the questions, so I thought this time it would be cool to let the community ask the questions and have you answer. Do you have time for an interview right now?”

It was the weirdest and most pleasant experience! I thought, now I understand how everybody I interview feels like when they get interviewed. All sorts of questions were shooting into my head while I was trying to come up with a decent way of explaining eeeverything that has happened in the last few months.

The last few months have been such an amazing time. I feel like we upgraded our life! I am greatful for all the people we met, for all the places we have seen and for the life we have been able to create from that.

This interview was shot about 2 months ago. And let me tell you… life keeps rolling and things keep happening! We have our homebase in Vienna now. I train my butt off every day. But the next travel plans are already set, or in the making :). It’s an exciting, ongoing journey!

The world is your playground, so just go ahead and do whatever you love!


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