Josh Lee on the mental game in Handbalance

Last week was one of the best ones since we started our worldtrip in June 2018.  We visited the Lee brothers in Santa Rosa and had a couple of days full of handstands and play action. And of course as always, there was some super interesting talk about handstands. In this interview here I tried to get some wisdom out of Josh about the mental game. I found his take on the subject really interesting since he managed to open my mind up about it. Since he started handbalancing less than 3 years ago he has observed different personality types that work perticularly well in achieving a high level at handbalance.

As we all know, getting good at handbalance requires a lot of dedication, patience and persistence. But does that necessarily mean you have to be the robot-guy who doesn’t get emotional about messing up sets? Or do you really need to be that kind of person that fully believes in him-/herself?

After talking to Josh I took a closer look at what’s going on inside my head when I practice and how that could be limiting to my progress. And implementing some of the insights I had while talking to him really changed the way I practice now. So I hope that you as well will gain some new perspectives from this video! And if you have any questions about this or anything you’d like to share, please go ahead and post a comment below. We’ll be happy to answer anything.

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For some more behind the scenes action go ahead and watch Josh’s video of our stay here! And go follow him on Youtube 🙂


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