Mihaela Karkia | Reaching Top-Level and Finding Your Own Style

Damn, was I looking forward to meeting this girl, Mihaela Karkia! A few months back I saw one of her Instagram posts, where she was doing a pretty advanced sequence going down from a figa and pressing back up on one arm. I sent the post to my coach, Emmet Louis, with the hashtag lifegoals. And he told me he was getting that post from many of his students. Little did I know that I was gonna get to train and hang out with this amazing handbalancer a few months later.

Not only is she an amazing artist on her hands, having a very unique style that I’ve never seen on anybody else. But she’s also one of the sweetest persons I’ve ever met. We celebrated her birthday together with all the foreign students in Kiev and had such a fun time. And during the week, I got the chance to train next to her and get a glimpse at her working attitude and dedication.

I have rarely seen any person being as driven as Mihaela. She knows exactly what she wants and you can feel her lazer sharp focus when you watch her practice. But I was actually really surprised when she told me her life goals during our interview. So I hope you enjoy this interview. It’s an immensely valuable one in my opinion. Especially for all the aspiring female handbalancers, who are looking for some sense of direction.

Our little group grew close during our stay in Kiev and I can’t wait to go back and train among these people again (bear with me… I probably keep repeating myself on that. A lot.)

Let me know your insights on this interview in the comment section below! What did you learn for yourself?

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