Kyiv Circus School | My Personal Recap of a Life Changing Experience

In this weeks episode I share my experience of the last three weeks with you. Words can not describe how greatful I am that they let us practice together with the students of the Kyiv circus school.

It was super hard to find the right things to say and give a short summary of this whole experience. I could have talked for at least an hour. There were so many things on many different levels.

First of all training in this special environment that brought out some of the best handbalancers of this world, and still keeps producing more handbalance gods.

Second of all the experience with our teacher who guided our practice and our bodies through this time.

And third, the amazing amazing students we got to hang out with and became our friends.

Because it was kind of hard for me to narrow this whole experience down, I thought I’d stick to some pointers. So I answered the following questions:

  1. How we got to train in Kyiv in the first place
  2. How the training was/what the teacher had me do
  3. My biggest takeaways for the future

It was really a life changing experience and I got in touch with some deep dark limiting factors in my mind. At times it was super ruff and I felt like I didn’t have anything more in me. But the body is capable of so much and your mindset can make such a huge difference.

So I hope this video serves you in some way or another and of course I’ll be happy to go into any further questions you may have! The Kyiv circus school is a very special and exciting place for anyone who is serious about handbalancing.

I miss everybody in Kyiv already and can’t wait to go back!!!

Special Thanks to Luis, Kim, Mihaela, Alex, Kaisa and Pieti, and our teachers Alyona and Oleg.

The world is your playground, so go ahead and do whatever you love!


4 thoughts on “Kyiv Circus School | My Personal Recap of a Life Changing Experience

  1. Very interesting Sonja! I enjoyed learning about your process and seeing Kiev. The 4 way contest was fun! And wow Josh’s thing where he gets up from flat is impressive. Maybe you and Josh can start a handbalancing gym in California.

    1. I’m so impressed by both, Josh and Morgan. They learn so incredibly fast and are so determined! A handbalancing gym sounds like a fantastic idea!!

  2. 🙂 🙂 your website and this video is exceptional 🙂 🙂 It is beyond inspirational to get a brief insight into what is possible in the realm of advanced hand balance! Many thanks for sharing your passion with the world Sonja. I am in Oregon state and have a fairly physical lifestyle, though recognized recently that it is time to acquire the strength necessary to be more comfortable in hand balance movement progressions. Starting a gym with a specialty of this sort would be super cool!

    1. Hey Keith! Thanks so much for watching and for your words! Sounds like we’ll be living close to you soon 🙂

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