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We are back! After a short summer break I’m excited to share all of the Kiev goodness with you! So for the next few weeks I’ll give you the different perspectives and stories of handbalancers who train at the place where some of the best handbalancers in the world are made.

Today I’ll talk to Luis Landa, my mexican friend who decided to teak a leap and move to another continent to persue his dream. His progress eversince he came to Kiev has been amazing and his dedication and passion are very inspiring. But it’s not always just flowers and rainbows when you train in Kiev. Most of the time, the handbalance life is hard and frustrating. So I was very greatful for Luis to be so honest and open up about the hardships and how he overcomes them and keeps going.

Aside from persuing to become a high level handbalance artist, Luis also shares his knowledge with his students. This summer he gave a bunch of workshops back in Mexico and he’ll also be giving one in Aschaffenburg, Germany together with Kim (see her interview here) in the winter this year. Be sure to look out for any events of him in the future!

Luis has so much to share, so I hope that you can take away many good insights for your own practice. And I hope it gives you a little kick in the butt if you need it ;).

If you wanna know more about Luis and check out more of his handstands or get in touch with him, follow him on instagram:

I’m looking forward to the next few weeks. Our time in Kiev is still the major fuel for my own training. Eversince I’ve seen the people train there, I have a different view on handstands and practice and what is even possible with the human body. I hope I myself get to go back there soon.

It’s never too late to do what you love!


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    1. They usually have 4 hours of handbalance training within the circus academy.

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