Ouchies in my Wrist – a song for your joint pain

Here’s to all of you people who can’t get enough of handstanding, but are struggeling with writs pain.

Dealing with injuries during your handstand journey can be so frustrating. We all know that. But in those times it’s good to remind ourselves that handstands aren’t everything in life (I know, you’re like.. “wtf, Soundschi?!?”)

But I’m serious about not being serious about handstands! Keeping a healthy relationship with your practice is so important for the longevity of it. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. After all, you do wanna get your skills, right?

With that being said…

It’s been quite a while since we last posted a video. Ivo and I had some big life changes going on, moving across the globe to live in California, and were quite overwhelmed. We were both hired for new jobs here to produce photo and video content for a company. Everything was so new and different and it was so overwhelming that I even neglected my own training, my me-time. The thing that is so precious and so close to my heart. Just a few months ago I could have never imagined to even take a week off of handstands. Especially after having gone to Kiev and experiencing their intense training. But you wouldn’t believe how fast your energy levels can drop when life throws new challenges at you. So I found myself tired and burnt out and I spent a little more than a month not putting my hands on the ground.

Getting back into training just about a week ago felt scary. And my strength isn’t nearly where it was before. But we are back. And we are having a blast. I’ve been feeling more creative and energized than ever. So stay tuned for more interviews with epic handbalancers, new tutorials and random handstand nonsense!

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