Handstand Diary Announcement

We’re very excited to make this announcement: from now on you can listen to our Soundschi-Land Show as a Podcast on all the major platforms :).

We’ve been getting quite some requests for this, so now we took the time to put it into action. I hope this gives you another useful option to suck in all the handstand wisdom while you’re on the go, or you can’t actually watch the video. We’ll be uploading our episodes weekly, just like we do with the videos! But because we just launched it, we still have some of the episodes to upload. We will take care of that until August, so you have the complete portfolio of the episodes we made.

The second thing I wanted you to know is that Ivo and I forgot a major part of our Kiev footage in Vienna, while we were traveling in Bali. So our plan of editing it all on our trip and publishing while we’re on the go got completely messed up… Oh well, shit happens! We decided to be nice to ourselves and see this as a little vacation. But we did take advantage of the spare time and came up with the podcast. So that’s something!

We’ll properly start publishing all of our interviews and episodes starting August, so stay tuned! We have a lot of interesting people coming up!

I hope you enjoy your summer and I can’t wait to see you back in August!!

It’s never too late to do what you love,


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