Perspectives on Teaching ft. Emmet Louis

I was very fortunate to finally get to work with the Splits Wizard Emmet Louis. He is especially known for his ability to unlock flexibility in adults.

Little did I know that he is about so so so much more than big flexibility gains. While spending some time with him at the Handstand Factory Launch Retreat I got to learn about unexpected things like Da Xuan practices, Gua Sha and I got to try aerial straps for the first time. But what struck me the most is Emmets clear way of seeing things in regards to physical development. He definitely managed to change my view on my own practice and opened up a new world to me.

In regards to flexibility I now understand that it can be seen as a skill that needs to be developed like any other, rather than a myterious thing people either have easily or not. The key is to find out what specificly needs to be worked on and works for you as an individual and then have a good thought out plan to adress those issues on a consistent basis.

In this interview Emmet tells us a bit about how he makes adult people so flexible and gives us some perspectives about teaching and coaching in movement with some examples of Josh and Morgan Lee, who have been coached by him online since they started their journey a couple of years back. If you don’t know who they are, go watch their interviews by clicking the links below:

Josh Lee on the mental game in handbalance

Morgan Lee on handstandlife and becoming a performer


What is the Handstand Factory?

Emmet and Mikael Kristiansen just finished designing their new online program called the Handstand Factory. It is specifically tailored to people who are looking for the next step after two arm handstands and want to learn the one arm handstand.

Check out their program on their website and follow them on Instagram if this resonates with you!


Instagram: @handstandfactory


More info about Emmet

For more info about Emmet himself, check out the links below:


Instagram: @emmetlouis


If you ever get the chance to work with Emmet I can highly recommend it! I myself hope to see more of him in the future, since he’s a very special person with exceptional abilities when it comes to teaching!


As always, let us know in the comments if there are any questions that pop up in your mind while watching. I know I always think of 100 questions after the interviews are done :P. So don’t be shy!


The world is your playground, so just do whatever you love!


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