From Tekken to Handstands and Acrobatics: an interview with Yuri Marmerstein

When Yuri Marmerstein isn’t traveling the world to teach handbalance and acrobatics all across the world, he can be found in a big house just outside of Las Vegas. And that’s where we went to see him and spend some time with him. Yuri was the very very first handstand coach I ever had contact with about 2 years ago. This was before I actually started working on handstands on a regular basis. Back then I was just playing around in the whole movement field and handstands and acrobatics caught my attention. So it was good to see him after all this time and after having somewhat changed my perspective about handbalance.

Yuri is one of the most reflective teachers I know and he has a lot of valuable things to say about any subject in movement really. Having taught himself without really having been guided by any coach or teacher, he got to where he is today mostly by practicing by himself and reflecting upon it. His engagement on social media and on the internet in general make it easy for anybody who is interested in learning acrobatic skills to get some knowledge, ideas and inspiration from him.

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