Handstand Friend Games Pt. 3 – Duo Tricks

It’s time for Duo Tricks! One of the best and most fun things you can do (especially if you have a partner that is a lot stronger or smaller than you) is to look up different acrobatic tricks to do together. In this episode we show you our favourite. To be honest, we just started practicing it not too long ago. You all know, we were only visiting Josh and his family for two weeks. But Josh and I had a great time trying out some tricks that were inspired by some duo acts we watched on Youtube.

The purpose of this episode is not to give you a perfect tutorial on how to execute this exact trick perfectly (it’s very obvious we just started doing these kinds of things). It’s more of a nudge towards letting go of perfectionism, picking a thing you always wanted to learn and just giving it a try! (As long as you’re safe, of course. Safety always comes first, my friends!)

I can’t repeat often enough how enjoying your handstand life and connecting with handstand friends has improved my quality of life and made me happy. And if you are just slightly like me, your handstand progress will pick up on that and be a lot better than you expected. Eventhough this trick has nothing to do with handstands, it’s still mind-opening to try something new that could potentially be part of a handstand duo act. And this is very motivating!

So grab your friend and give it a go! This trick looks a lot harder than it actually is. Afterwards, let us know how it went!

The world is your playground, so just go ahead and do whatever you love!


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