Handstand Friend Games Pt. 2 – Simon Says

This. Game. Killed me. The rules of Simon says are super simple and easy to understand. In summary you just have to remember 2 things:

  • when the other person says “Simon says” and tells you to do a certain movement, you have to do it
  • If the person DOESN’T say “Simon says” and just tells you the movement, you don’t do it. Otherwise you die

Nevertheless, everything changes in a handstand. And this video is probably the biggest embarrassement to my abilities of paying attention :D. Prepare yourself for a laugh and wait to see how Josh nails the challenge like a boss!

Some additional rules to be fair:

  • When you are Simon you are only allowed to say skills the other one can do
  • When you fall or make an error in the movement, you also die (depending on how strict you’re playing ;))

Give this game a try! I actually plaid it with handstands for the first time. We used to play this in primary school in English class. If standing in a handstand for a long time is still difficult for you, no worries! Of course you can adjust the game to your level. Get creative and come up with skills, poses or movements that you can do! 🙂

And of course, keep working that handstand! One of my most useful videos on moving away from the wall and transfering to a freestanding handstand is this one: How to get your Handstand away from the Wall

Also I’d be super happy to see your attempt with a friend! Share it with us on Instagram by using #simonsayshandstand !

Thanks Josh, for being the best game partner! Follow him on Instagram to see more of him and our failed duo trick attempts!

We have one more episode to go in the Handstand Friend Games Series. Unfortunately our visit in California is over. But we’ll be back soon and if you’d like us to come up with more games, tell us! It’ll be a super fun challenge to come up with new ones :).

The world is your playground, so just go ahead and do whatever you love!


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