Hard Work and Consistency ft. Seline Schmid

I finally got Seline in front of the camera! I wanted to interview her back in Perth in December 2018 when we met for the first time. But she was way too humble.

Seline and I started our handbalance journeys around the same time. Eversince we connected on Instagram she has been a huge source of motivation for me. At the beginning we were working on similar skills at the same time. She was working on getting her press at the same time as I was. Then she went on to work on one arms around the same time as me. By now Seline’s progress has skyrocketed and she is way ahead of me and is holding one arm handstands fairly consistently.

In this episode I ask her about her training experience and how she managed to learn so, so quickly.

Seline is pure sunshine and so humble that it was hard to get her in front of the camera. So I’m glad we finally did this and I hope this provides huge inspiration to all of the handbalancers who dream of a one arm, but are at the beginning of their journey.

Here are all the relevant links we talked about in the interview:

Follow Seline and her handbalance journey on Instagram: @selineabroad

If you’re looking for an online coach, get in touch with Seline about her online coaching! You’ll be in good hands!

The Yoga Teacher Training she teaches at in Bali: allyoga

The retreat she and Harry host in April unfortunately has been cancelled due to the current pandemic. But here are the links to the teachers that would have been there:

Harry Williams: Click here for his Handstand Diary Interview. Click here for his Instagram.

Mikael Kristiansen: Click here for his Handstand Diary Interview. Click here for his Instagram.

Joachim Hilderson: @hildersonjoachim

Let me know in the comment section below if you have any questions!

It’s never too late to do what you love!


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