Individual Style in Handbalance ft. Harry Williams

Last week I got to talk to Lewis, the young prodigy of Perth (click here to watch). This time I got to talk to Harry, who has been by his side from day 1 helping him to become the handbalancer he is now.

Time marks

0:00-9:15: brief overview of Harrys story, development of his teaching and his relationship to Lewis.

9:15-18:16: views on beginner training and learning how to balance

18:16-22:14: views on press training

22:14-34:46: views on learning OAHS

34:46-end: Harrys own training goals, his programming and general ideas on programming


Meeting Harry

It was super interesting to meet Harry and hear about everything he has to say about training and handbalance. I love his approach, since there’s absolutely nothing he just does because of no reason. When he gives you a drill, he can exactly explain to you why he gives it to you and what it’s supposed to do. Also his level of openness regarding different individuals, who have different goals was good to see and learn from. There is more than just one type of body and it makes sense to work with the way that suits your levers best in order to gain a skill. This was my biggest takeaway from doing handstands with Harry.

This knowledge is strongly supported by the fact that he has a really large scale of students from all kinds of backgrounds with different goals. Aside from his numerous online students he teaches daily open classes that are well visited. And unlike anywhere else, in Perth handbalance seems to be something a lot more normal and accessible to the general population.

Apart from working with so many students he’s open for conversations and discussions about different opinions. This is something I really appreciated. This feeling that you can just approach him with any kind of question and he’ll be open to it and discuss it in a productive manner. But aside from that it was just incredible how he immediately took Ivo and me into their handbalance community. He is such a welcoming person and you can feel his genuine interest to help others to become better at what they love doing.

I think it’s very obvious that I think he’s an excellent coach. And I would recommend him to anybody who is looking to educate themselves in handbalance.

If you want to know more about Harry, here are some links:

Instagram: @holisticmovement


Youtube: holistic movement


I hope you find this interview just as valuable as I do!

Keep it playful 🙂


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