David Lertsin on Handbalance as a part of Yoga

While we were in Bali during the summer of 2019 we got to hang out with the crew of All Yoga. David Lertsin is the founder and has been running Yoga Teacher Trainings in Bali and Thailand for many years. One of the unique things about All Yoga is their integration of handbalance into their YTT.

David himself is hooked on handstands. Just like me he has met with quite a few people to learn about it and progress in his training. He is also the one who runs and hosts Yuval’s retreat in Thailand every year.

It was interesting to talk to David for many reasons. First of all he teaches meditation and with that brings a different angle to the practice. He offered some of his insights on the connection between yoga and handstands during our conversation that were quite eye opening.

Second of all he is a person who is traveling most of the time. And so it was easy for me to relate to him having somewhat of an inconsistency in his practice. Although we didn’t talk about this much in the interview, it was nice for me to connect with someone who knows about the effects on the body of constant traveling.

If you are interested in attending a YTT and you also love doing handstands, I highly recommend checking out All Yoga. Of course right now things are postponed due to the current pandemic. But if this is something you want to do as soon as things get back to normal, you’ll know where to look:

Click here to visit their website

Also be sure to check out David on Instagram and follow his handstand journey:


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It’s never too late to do what you love!


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