Awareness and Autoregulation in Handstands ft. Ryan Hurst

In this episode I had the honor of talking to one of the founders of GMB Fitness. Head Coach Ryan Hurst took a step back with me to look at the broader concept of learning a new skill, such as the handstand. He himself has a very versatile movement background, having been a gymnast and having studied martial arts, as well as yoga and other ways of experiencing movement throughout his life. So when he started to tackle the journey to a one arm handstand about 6 years ago, it only took him about 3 months to learn it.

In this interview he tells us about the advantages of having a broad physical experience and how it relates to learning new skills. He also tells us about how in GMB they apply this idea by using a certain framework for programming, that they came up with after having worked with countless people.

For me this interview was very refreshing and broadened my perspectives about my own practice. Especially since we’ve been traveling for quite a while now and I can’t lie about how it is taking a toll on my practice and progress. It’s hard to accept when you’re not as consistent as you’re used to and it’s hard to admit that you’re just a human being that doesn’t work like a machine. But seing it in a bigger scope, it might not even be such a bad thing.

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It was really fun hanging out with Ryan and his assistant Julia. They are both goofballs like Ivo and me. So I am super happy that I got to meet them and talk about a thing we both love.

Thanks Ryan, Julia and the whole GMB team! 🙂


And since again I failed hard on my ending phrase, here it is:

Remember that the world is your playground, so just go ahead and do whatever you love! 😀





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