Andrii Bondarenko: Story of a Glamorous Performing Life

If you would have told me about a year ago that I would meet Andrii Bondarenko in person, I would have probably laughed and not believed a word. But it happened. And it was real. Super real. If you look at Andrii’s Instagram (@andrii_bondarenko) everything he does looks so clean, strong and easy. But the amount of work and effort he has been through to become such a high level handbalancer is jawdropping.

In this interview he gets real about what life is like as a performer. How it oftentimes means splitting from the ones you love and making huge sacrifices. But behind all this lies a big passion and a big love for what he’s doing. His wife, Yulia Mihailova is very supportive of this, since she performs for Cirque du Soleil herself as a contortionist. But them being in different shows on different continents of the world and not being able to live together as a family with their little daughter Amelie takes a toll on them and they are looking to get a job in the same show with a duo act.

They seem like the perfect couple for someone like me, who is simply amazed by the beauty of their performances. It’s hard to believe that it would be difficult to find a suitable job for the both of them together.

Andrii also talks about his practice and tells us what he especially pays attention to. I heard that his act in KURIOS is so difficult that most of the replacements during his sabbatical he took to be with his family, couldn’t last more than about a month in the show, because his act and the load is so demanding.

Andrii really is one of a kind and I admire him and his wife for their hard work. I hope that the future holds good things for them and their little daughter Amelie and am very curious to see what they’ll do in the future!

If you are interested in being coached by Andrii, he will be happy to help you via online coaching. Just reach out to him on his Instagram! He also gives workshops when he has time while he travels. So be sure to look out for them on his feed.

Also check out his website:


The world is your playground, so just go ahead and do whatever you love!


– Soundschi

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  1. You, my friend, are a lovely human and nothing less than a gift to humanity. Please continue to be the amazing human you are. Thank you.

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