Handbalance in Yoga ft. Rama and Shakti

Most of you have probably noticed that until now, the handbalancers I’ve mainly featured came from either circus, or the general movement field. So today I’m happy to present an interview that shines a light on a different perspective. I had the honor to talk to two very inspiring yoga teachers – Rama and Shakti, known as @danielrama_ and @shaktibird_ on instagram.

At first it was their beautiful backbend handstands that caught my attention and made me curious. But as I got to know them I realized that there was a whole world behind that. I was fascinated by both of them and loved hearing what they said over and over again while editing this interview, because the ideas they share go way beyond the physical practice of handstands. It fueled my interest in the connection between the mind and the body and has caused me to go into a bit of research that I had put aside for some time now.

Rama and Shakti both have experienced movement in different contexts and are now traveling to teach yoga all around the globe. In this interview they tell us about their handstand practice and how it has influenced their development as human beings. We also talk about the role handstands play in yoga vs. other purely physical contexts. Both of them have a unique way of going about their practice, which I find very interesting and I’m sure that it makes them a great team, since they seem to complement eachother perfectly.

Being in their presence you can tell that they have some very deep wisdom to share and it would definitely be interesting to attend one of their YTT someday.

If you are interested in working with Rama and Shakti, check out their instagrams, or click here to see the dates for their upcoming YTT.

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