Rhiannon Cave-Walker | From Technique to Artistic Development

Rhiannon Cave-Walker has been one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to where I want to go with my own handstands. Coming from a dance-background, I’ve always admired people who could integrate the skill into a more complex framework of movement other than just sanding still on hands.

After meeting her in person I’m even more of a fan and totally have a girl-crush on her. Being around Rhiannon makes you feel so relaxed and free, because that’s how she appears herself. Not holding herself back in any way and being authentic and true to whatever comes out of her in that moment. But aside from that she is also an excellent handbalance and hand 2 hand coach who cares about the people she’s teaching.

The most interesting thing for me though was when she taught artistic development at the Bali Handstand Retreat. I had done choreography in the past with my dance background. But I was really curious of how this could work in the context of handbalance. It was super interesting to learn about her approaches.

In this interview she tells us about her own handstand journey, how her training focus has shifted over the years and about the creation process within her own award winning Circus Company Fauna Circus. In addition she tells us about how Fauna Circus came to be. They have been quite successful in the last few years and have established a name for themselves in the field of performing arts.

Rhiannon Cave-Walker is such a refreshing human and handbalancer, so head over to Instagram if you don’t already follow her:

IG: @rhiannoncavewalker

Also let me know if combining handbalance with dance is something you’re interested in too! Have you tried coming up with an act before?

It’s never too late to do what you love!


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