A new and better Life through Handbalancing ft. Neven Gerenčir

My stay in Portugal didn’t only lead to wisdom from INAC’s handbalance teacher, Mauricio Jara (check his interview here). It also lead to meeting his students, a whole bunch of likeminded people with very interesting stories. One of them, named Neven Gerenčir, I had been following for quite a while. I was really looking forward to meeting him, because I had seen how he flipped his life around through handbalancing, running away joining the circus.

In this interview Neven tells us all about how handbalance changed his life and himself as a person. For me, he is a perfect example of how handbalance can be so much more than just an activity or a skill. For many of us (me included, obviously) it can be a means to connect with people, who appreciate you the way you are and understand you. It can be a means to get in touch with yourself and literally help you stay mentally and physically sane through it’s meditative and focused, body and mind connecting characteristics.

Before we shot the interview I wasn’t really aware of the background of Nevens decision to join circus school, so I was even more touched and inspired, as I learned about it while talking in front of the camera. I believe there are many people out there with similar stories, not fitting into the “normal” world, wondering what’s wrong with them, being stuck in a small world of limited thinking. If you are one of those people, I really do hope that Nevens story gives you a grasp of how awesome the world can be. How everything can change, only because of the people and the environment around you. In a way, I can very much relate to Nevens Story, since I had a similar experience, leaving my home with Ivo and heading out into the world in a search for likeminded people who simply loved being upsidedown, across the globe. Before leaving Vienna, both of us felt the same. We couldn’t fit in and somehow we knew there was something out there. Something much better and worth exploring. And eventhough we’re back in Vienna now and decided to build our new homebase here close to our family, the world has completely changed for us. It feels like we’re living in a different place than we were before.

After hearing about Nevens story and having gone through my own I’m now really curious: what’s your story? Can you relate to this interview? Let us know in the comments below!

If you want to know more about Neven, go follow him on Instagram (@neve_ger):


I am so happy about meeting Neven, Mau and his other students at INAC. It was such a warm place that totally felt like family. If you are in a similar place like Neven was, longing for this environment of likeminded people, maybe you should check out INAC! They’re now open for applications until May 2019 for the next term starting in the fall of 2019.

This is their website: https://www.institutonacionaldeartesdocirco.com/

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