Mau Jara on his Journey and Finding Balance

First time I saw a post of Mau Jara on Instagram (@maujara) just a few months back, I was amazed. This guy was staying on his hands forever, was jumping onto his hands on tables and playing around. And it looked as if all the strength moves were just another random thing for him. At that point I thought: where has this guy been all this time I’ve been connecting with people about handbalance??

Mau is so humble. So I connected with him on Instagram and I knew I had to meet him. We flew out to Porto, where he teaches handbalance at the circus school INAC to be and study with him for a few days. He was so nice and welcoming. He even let us stay with him and his wife in his apartment. Maus devotion as a teacher and his understanding of individual needs is outstanding. And just as he gets creative in his own practice and performances, he also gets creative in searching new ways to make handbalancing understandable to his students. I learned so many new things being around him and studying with him and his specialisation students at the circus school.

The whole environment of the circus school felt so much like home. It felt so good to hang out with people who love the same things I do and have the chance to explore that world. INAC is a farely new school that opened it’s doors just a few years ago. And they’ve been growing and expanding. Right now they have a new huge training space with lots of space to work on skills, acts and artistic development. The people there are like a family and it’s easy to connect and make friends. It’s definitely a place I can see myself visit more often.

As always we decided to capture some of the insights in an interview. And here you have it!

In this one I included questions I got from several people on Instagram who knew I was going to do this interview with him.

Links for more information:

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If you’re interested in joining the circus school, here’s the link below with all the info about them:

website INAC:

A big big THANK YOU to Mau, Amanda and everybody else at INAC, for making our stay so wonderful!

The world is your playground, so just go ahead and do whatever you love!


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