Finding Ease and Effortlessness in Handbalance ft. Yuval Ayalon

What an honor to have had the chance to connect with this kind and amazing handstand teacher – Yuval Ayalon. I had already met him about a year ago, when he came to Vienna to give a workshop. Back then I had just freshly started to practice handstands and was at the very begining stage of my training. This was before we had started Handstand Diary, so this time it was super interesting to see how things have changed over the course of just one year.

Yuval has been practicing handstands for about 15 years, after quitting his carreer as a gymnast. His story is very inspiring, since at around age 30 he made the decision to go into performing and persue this thing that rationally didn’t necessarily make sense. Looking at what he has done and how his name was mentioned in a great number of my interviews, obviously taking this direction in his life was exactly the right thing.

His way of teaching is very unique. It’s very straight forward, but he has this calm and easy way of delivering his knowledge, making it easy to absorb. At the same time you can tell that his own practice and development is an important part of his life and feeds into everything he teaches. So what he teaches becomes very tangeable.

I’m looking forward to doing more handstands with Yuval in the future and I’m very thankful for him taking the time and interest to sit down with me and talk. I hope that you find value in this little tiny piece of him, although I do recommend to meet him in person. There is a lot more! 😉

If you wanna know more, check out the links below. And if you need handstand blocks, don’t be afraid to message him!

Instagram: @yuval_on_hands
Youtube: Yuval Ayalon

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    1. Ojemine…ist es zu leise? Oder ist der Ton generell schlecht bei dir? Bei mir geht es nämlich… Danke für deine Rückmeldung!

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