The Importance of a Community in Handbalance ft. Lewis Yost

Here it is: the episode that got delayed because of our getting stuck in China. I was super excited to meet Lewis Yost (aka Lew Dog Millionaire), the young handbalance prodigy of Perth.

He’s only 17 years old and has gotten to a pretty high level in relation to the short time he’s been handbalancing. Scroll through his Instagram @lewis_handbalancing to see what I’m talking about. In this episode he tells us about how he got started practicing at his fridge, cause his Mom didn’t want him to dirty the wall.

Lewis is very savvy when it comes to handbalance. During our stay in Perth we had a bunch of good conversations on technique and training related subjects. Maybe it is the amazing community of handbalancers and movers in Perth that simply provokes discussions about practice and makes practitioners question what they do and why they do it. For me there’s no doubt that Lewis is on his way to being a strong teacher. I’m very curious about where his journey will take him. Eventhough his potential is obvious, I was pretty impressed with his down to earth way of seeing things. He gives big credit to Harry Williams, a handbalance coach from Perth (who will be featured next week!). He played a big role in Lewis development as a handbalancer, since he’s been supporting him and training with him eversince he started. It’s the whole community in Perth that feeds peoples passion and enables talents like Lewis to arise.

I wish there was a community like that everywhere…

This interview is the first of a couple I’ve taken during our stay in Perth. We had two weeks full of handstands, interesting conversations, fun and sunburns. So stay tuned for a series of Perths handstand wisdom!

The world is your playground, so just go ahead and do whatever you love!



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