How to Program your Handstand Training

Todays episode is about some thoughts on programming for handstand training. Since this is can be a very complex subject to talk about, I just share some general ideas with you, that have been proven to work for me and my clients not only with handstand training, but any other physical skill they wanted to learn. This doesn’t mean that I see this as the only way to approach training and it’s also not true for each and every case.

In the end the only way to find out if a program works for you is to give it a chance for a couple of weeks and see how it affects you. Then you have to adapt it as you progress.

The approach I usually use goes like this:
  1. What is your goal?
  2. What is your current standpoint in relation to that goal? (assess it by seeing which is the next best regression you can perform)
  3. What is your biggest limiting factor in performing the desired movement? -> this is what you should prioritise in your training and put everything else behind

Of course in order to program your training you need to understand the movement you’re trying to learn in terms of technique, progressions and requirements and also have a general understanding of what a training program could look like. If you don’t have any experience with that I strongly recommend to get a coach. This will not only be more efficient, but also a lot safer!

Next would be to manage the volume and load of your training, but this is out of the scope of this video. If you’re interested in that, or if you have any other questions about programming that you would like me to talk about, just leave a comment below. I’ll be happy to give it a shot.

The world is your playground, so just do whatever you love!

-Soundschi <3



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