Efficiency, Injuries and Daddy Life in Handbalance ft. David Marion

Before we got to Perth I had a small list of people I was planning on doing an interview with. They were the ones I had been following and connecting with on Instagram, as this is usually how my interviews arise. Little did I know that there was one guy that, eventhough he is present on the gram, I wasn’t really much aware of him. But when I met David Marion I thought “wow, this guy has a lot of smart things to say and an interesting experience!”. So I asked him for an interview too. And here it is!

David is probably the most stubborn guy in terms of working on himself despite of circumstances I’ve met so far. The list of injuries he’s had is incredible (he starts integrating his experiences with injuries around min. 20:00 until the end of the interview). Also he just became a Dad recently (his wife Alixe and his baby son Oliver sit “backstage” watching while we chat about the handstand life).

After the interview I got to attend one of Davids classes and once again, I was quite taken. David teaches handbalance for grown ups at Ninja Academy. We also got to see one of his youth gymnastic classes. Eventhough we didn’t talk about it in the interview, this is his big joy: teaching kids gymnastics.

If you ever get the chance to go to Perth, I highly recommend meeting David (which you probably will anyway if you go there for handbalancing).

For more info and fanting videos of him, check out his instagram @david.a.marion

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