Training at a Circus School in China ft. Ellen Grow

As we were at the Bali Handstand Retreat, there were some professional performers attending as well and one of them was Ellen Grow. I had just come from my training in Kiev and when I met her she told me that she had spent 18 months at a circus school in Beijing, China. So we started talking about our experiences and I thought it was quite interesting and somewhat different from what I had experienced in the Ukraine.

China, like the Ukraine, is known for bringing out incredible handbalancers and circus acrobats, some of them very young. So I asked Ellen if she would be willing to share her experience at the Beijing International Art School. Even though she was there about ten years ago, I thought it was worth sharing with you guys.

Today Ellen performs with her group One Fell Swoop Circus. Actually they are currently doing shows at the fringe festival! So go watch them if you have a chance!

Also go and check out Ellen’s Instagram:


Feel free to leave any comments in the section down below. Of course everybody’s training experience is unique and it’s great to hear other people’s stories!

It’s never too late to do what you love!


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