How to achieve a One Arm Handstand ft. Paul Twyman

I was really looking forward to this episode. Paul Twyman, one of the owners of Aspen Coaching in Perth, is a fun, knowledgeable and inspiring guy, who has impacted thousands of people across the world. He came up with the 365 days of handstand challenge on Instagram, which has opened the door to the world of handstands for many many people and has been keeping them motivated to keep working on them.

Paul is a “late starter” on the handstand journey, which is even more impressive knowing that he has a big family to take care of. On top of that he just recently opened his own gym “Aspen Coaching” in Perth, together with some friends.

It was such a huge pleasure meeting Paul, since he has a very playful side that I can strongly relate to. So it was also good talking to him about the balance between “playtime” and disciplined dedication to sets and reps. Also he got me to get a bit more comfortable on blocks and I managed to do my first block walk dismount because of his encouragement (with pretty ugly form tho). AND… I tried to balance on canes for the very first time! Eventhough it was pretty scary at first, Paul helped me to get over it and introduced me in a way, that I decided to get my own pair of canes and actually start working on them!

You can absolutely tell that Paul has a huge passion for handstands and teaching comes to him very naturally. He’s had a huge impact on the development of the amazing handstand community in Perth, that I had so much fun immersing myself in.

So I hope you enjoy this interview, where Paul talks about his journey and specifically what he learned about the practice towards a one arm handstand. This guy is full of good insights!

If you wanna know more about Paul, go follow him on Instagram, Youtube and check out his gym!



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