From Yoga to Handstands | A conversation with Sherry, Sara & Isabelle

In today’s episode I want to showcase three of my members at nook movement studios. Sherry, Sara and Isabelle came from a Yoga background and have been dedicating themselves to learning handstands through daily practice over the last year. I’ve had the pleasure and honor of being part of their journeys and whitnessing their ups and downs of the handstand learning process.

A deep dive into personal stories

Each of these three ladies has their own unique story, but we are in this journey together, learning from each other and supporting one another. I hope that you get some valuable insights for yourself from this conversation in which Sherry, Sara and Isabelle invite us into their stories and what they’ve learned so far. Some of the main things we talk about is moving out of your comfort zone, dealing with fear and how to keep yourself going.

Personally, I think this conversation is so insightful and paints a beautiful picture of what a succesful handstand practice can look like for someone who doesn’t have a gymnastics background, isn’t aiming to be a professional circus artist and has other responsibilities in their life. Watching high level handbalancers can feel quite unrelatable when you’re starting out at a different point. But there are millions of layers of progress inbetween, which can be hard to see when you’re practicing alone and only have social media as a reference. The progress lies in consistently showing up, and Sherry, Sara and Isabelle are wonderful human beings who care to show up for themselves and for each other. They continue to enrich our community at nook and have made a big impact on me and my personal life as well. I am forever grateful for that!

Enjoy this deep dive into their personal stories and get into the comment section. Let us know which part of the conversation you resonated with the most!

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