The Handstand Press Magazine – Meet the Team

Meet The Handstand Press Magazine and the team behind it.

I’m excited about this new project I got involved with – a print magazine about all things handstands. In this episode you’ll learn more about the project itself, about the team behind it and about how you can get involved. The purpose of this magazine is to connect the handstand community to collectively create a timeless snapshot with every issue through articles and stories, stunning photography and art work.

If you have any work you would like to submit, head over to the handstand press website!

We need your help!

Right now we’re running a kickstarter campaign to fund the print of issue 01. The main theme is “Common Ground” and we showcase handbalancers with different background disciplines, such as Circus Handbalance, Contortion, Gymnastics, Calisthenics and Yoga, and their views on the handstand technique and the practice. Aside from the main section we have several other sections. Simply click the link below to get to the kickstarter website. You can find all the detailed information about the magazine there.

We’ve worked hard and we’ve collaborated with lots of handbalancers to curate the content of this first issue. Now it’s up to the community to bring it into life.

We hope you are just as excited about this community magazine as we are and get on board! Click here to get to our kickstarter.

Thank you so much for being part of this!

It’s never too late to do what you love,


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