Garage Gym Girl aka Kirsty Grosart on Teaching Grown-Ups

Meet Kirsty aka Garage Gym Girl – a woman I’ve been admiring for a very long time. I’ve been wanting to meet her for a long time, but life had other plans for us, and after the pandemic hit, we put our interviews on hold for a while for several reasons. Firstly, we weren’t sure about how the videos would turn out through a Zoom conversation. We like to produce high quality videos that are easy and fun to look at. Secondly, a big part of our interviews so far has been the in-person part in which I really get to know the people and their way of living and training. This makes each interview a special learning experience for myself and I’m sure it shows in the conversations we publish as well.

But since this pandemic has been going on and it seems like our patience is required for a bit longer, we decided to screw it and go with the new Zoom reality. And I couldn’t be happier that we did!

A bananas strong power woman!

I’m so happy I got to talk to Kirsty and after meeting her online I’m even more excited to hang out with her in person some day. I resonate a lot with all of the content she produces. She’s an exceptional communicator and she makes the whole experience of learning handstands fun and more interactive through the community she has formed. In our interview she tells us about the things she’s learned while teaching bodyweight skills grown-ups. One particular thing that stuck with me even after the conversation was over was that she said: Coaching is a communication. And if you look at all of Kirty’s content, she manages to create beginner-friendly content that sticks, because it’s so relatable and breaks down bodyweight skills into digestible pieces.

I really hope that you enjoy our conversation as much as I did. We had a bit of a hick-up with our camera – it didn’t record the interview on our end, so we had to work with the Zoom recording. But the conversation was too good to not publish. So there you go 🙂

Be sure to check out the Garage Gym Girl website and her Instagram!

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