Interview with Sean Langhaus | Warrior Bridge NYC

Meet the founder of Warrior Bridge NYC, Sean Langhaus! I had the pleasure and honor to spend three weeks in the city and train with the awesome people that come together in his gym for movement, acro and handstands.

Warrior Bridge is one of those places that will instantly feel like family if you’re a movement person. In this interview Sean shares insights with us about his own journey. There’s lots of one-arm handstand talk, but then we also get into how he managed to open a gym and form a community. And he tells us about the new space Cirque Haus, which he’ll be opening up soon in the center of Manhattan.

Sean has a long history of movement. It seems like it has been at the forefront of his life ever since he was a kid. He was first exposed to handstands when he was twelve years old, then got into skateboarding and finally moved through a yoga journey that led him to the acro community. Handstands are a huge part of his life and I resonate a lot with his views on technique and teaching. It only took a few sessions training together with Dora Skelton (who’s interview will be coming up soon) and Sean for me to have some aha-moments around my shoulder position in one-arms.

If you’re ever in the NYC area, definitely go check out Warrior Bridge and Cirque Haus!


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I hope you find this interview insightful, especially if you’re working on one-arm handstands, or are thinking of opening your own training space! Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

It’s never too late to do what you love!


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