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The first time I saw Samantha Star on Instagram I immediately fell in love with her persona. I’m a cat lover and her Instagram name is @lithiumkitten. Her handstands are beautiful and it seems like there’s nothing she can’t do with her body.

Her main thing is pole dance, but her practice involves handstands, yoga, aerial straps and it’s not uncommon to see her do new unexpected things. Talking to her I could see she’s a wild child.

In this interview she tells us about her journey and her training. She talks about how she keeps herself in shape and which things she prioritizes to keep her practice sustainable. Samantha Star has a super interesting story. She completely turned her life around when she transitioned from a night life, working at a strip club and drinking, to teaching pole, yoga, handstands and flexibility and performing around the world.

Wild Cat Energy

Sam’s energy is so uplifting. I took one of her flexibility classes and it felt like a comedy show. It was great! She also introduced me to an awareness exercise called “eye gazing”. You basically sit across from your partner and gaze into each other’s eyes for a set amount of time. The feelings and sensations that come up during that meditation are super interesting to explore and they change depending on who you are doing the exercise with.

So if you ever find yourself in the NYC area, definitely check out her classes and hit her up for a handstand jam!

Check out the website below to see Sam’s class schedule and follow her on Instagram!


Instagram: @lithiumkitten

I hope you find Sam’s story just as inspiring as I did. Enjoy watching our conversation and let us know what you think in the comments below!

It’s never too late to do what you love!


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