Pros and Cons of Training Handstands

Today’s episode is a fun little survey I started on my Instagram account. I asked my followers about their pros and cons of training handstands!

Here are the most common answers:

  • Pros: They are fun, they make you feel good about achieving something, the community aspect
  • Cons: The time commitment and slow progress

Most people I’ve met in the handbalance world have a quite intense relationship with their handstand practice. You could call it a love-hate relationship. Some of the people I know are even impacted in the way that it’s hard for them to form relationships with people who are not into handstands. I’ve heard people say that there should be a “tinder” for handbalancers many times. It’s no secret that learning handstands, especially when you get towards the one-arm level, becomes very time consuming and requires consistent dedication. This can be hard to understand for outsiders.

If you belong to those people who wish they could find someone in the handbalance world and become a handstand couple (this seems to be a thing now), go ahead and leave a comment below. What are your pros and cons of training handstands? You never know who you’ll find!

Happy handstanding and I hope you enjoy this episode!

It’s never too late to do what you love!


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