Finding a Way in the Circus Industry | Interview with Andrés Cerdeira

Today’s episode is a conversation with a guy I’ve known through Instagram and I’ve always found super relatable. My guest today is Andrés Cerdeira, a Fitenss & Health Coach who transitioned to Marketing to ditch it and join the circus.

He graduated from the circus school AFUK in Copenhagen in the midst of the pandemic and is now finding his way in the intersection between movement & health, circus and marketing.

Andrés and I have a lot in common. Both of us finished University with a degree in Sports and Nutrition. Both of us originally came from a different discipline (Andrés did Taekwon Do, I did figure skating). And both of us had a very brief encounter with Marketing, which we both decided wasn’t what we wanted to devote our lives to. It became Handbalance and Flexibility instead.

In this interview Andrés tells us about his journey and how he made his way to AFUK. He tells us about the physical lessons he learned along the way, getting flexible as a grown-up, and we share our thoughts on how it is to teach, without being at a super high level ourselves, compared to other handbalancers.

Check out Andrés’ website and Instagram:


IG: @a.handstand

I hope this interview encourages those of you who are longing to make handbalance a bigger part of your life. And I hope that the main message we intended for the video, comes across!

Enjoy and let us know your personal main takeaway from this episode in the comments below!

It’s never too late to do what you love!


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