No Push No Handstand

Happy New Year and welcome to Season 03 of the Sonji-Land Show! We’re kicking this year off with a song that I wrote a while back.

The Backstory

It was around April of 2021 when Ivo and I were visiting Ulrik in Vienna. We were training – I was doing chest to wall sidebends and trying to go deeper when Ulrik shouted: “Push, Sonja! Push like you mean it!”

For some reason that phrase stuck in my head and turned into a song. I suddenly heard the angels sing “push like you mean it” in harmony, but it lead to a beat and ended in something I would call an annoying pop song that, once heard, never ever leaves your head. I loved it. It felt silly and comical and the next thing I knew was I had the lyrics written down on my phone and all the chords on my guitar. The song came up quickly, but forming it into something that resembled what I had in my head took forever. Nine months and a ton of youtube tutorials on how to use a DAW (digital audio workstation – don’t ask..) and more frustration than I was prepared for, to be exact.

Of course there also had to be a video to visualize the story. Enter Ivo. Again, it took longer than we wanted and brought us more lessons than we had expected. But here it is – the good enough version to be released to the outside world!

Making music videos has been the most fun we’ve ever had! We started dabbling with it during the first lockdown in March 2020 when we had a lot of time inside and couldn’t travel. I came up with a ton of songs during that time, which some of them made it into a video. We even started a separate Youtube channel called Sonj!.

It’s time for the fun to return!

I hope this song gives you some extra fuel to keep pushing, not take yourself and life so seriously and continue in doing the things you love – because it’s never too late!


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