Hollowback Handstands 30min Follow-Along Class

Today’s episode is a recording of our Hollowback Handstand Class on Tuesdays for you to follow along.

This class does not include a warm-up and is targeted at the main exercises for developing balance in hollowback (mexican) handstands and scorpion (contortion) handstands. I recommend you do our Daily Movement Class for open chest & shoulders and/or the front splits & bridge Flexibility class before this one. I also recommended you to already have a 20sec freestanding handstand for this class.

Tuesdays at nook are all about creating the flexibility and strength needed for mexican and contortion style handstands and the schedule is designed to gradually build on top of the previous class. Our schedule on that day starts with an easy movement class, which is focused on opening chest and shoulders and serves as a gentle warm-up. It’s followed by our deep flexibility focused classes for front splits and bridge / wheel. The last class on that day is the Handstand Backbend class in which we implement our new achieved ranges in handstands.

Be aware that I know the members of our community and the class is always tailored to the people who attend live. Please listen to your body, take what is useful for you and disregard everything that is not. It’s ok to make modifications as needed!

I hope you find this follow-along class useful! Let me know how it went by leaving a comment below.

Have fun!

It’s never too late to do what you love!


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