Elaine Briant | Creative Infusion in Handbalance

Today’s episode is an interview with the amazing Elaine Briant – handbalancer, artist, performer, prop designer and graduate from the Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH, formerly known as DOCH) in Sweden.

I think, so far, she is the most versatile handbalancer I know. Not only is her handbalancing infused by other disciplines, like dance, acro and juggling. But her free and curious spirit has led her creations to go beyond just physical movement. Elaine has also been designing props, she plays music, knits, and it seems like there is nothing she wouldn’t explore. Our conversation exposed her as a multipassionate creative who is always on the search for novelty. She brings a refreshing angle to the obsessive hustle culture that can sometimes be associated with training handbalance. Elaine is one of the few handbalancers I’ve talked to, who is ok with taking rest days.

Watch our interview and find out about Elaine’s views on training, performing and living the life of an artist. She is currently performing in Sweden with Kompani Giraff, and she has formed two duos with other handbalancers: Duo Bulldogs with Antonio Tony Panaro, and a duo that is still in the works with Joe Martinho, who you might know from my previous interview.

I really enjoyed meeting Elaine and I hope you love this conversation as much as I did!

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