Joe Martinho | A Strong Mind-Game

She’s known for her round blocks and for including playful elements of juggling into her handbalancing. My guest today is Joana aka Joe Martinho who graduated from Codarts and is now performing with Circus Cirkör in Knitting Peace alongside Mikael Kristiansen who you might know from one of my previous interviews.

In this conversation she tells us about how she went from contortion to handbalance after being injured, and how she moved on to perform in Knitting Peace and all the things it entailed. Through the course of our conversation I got super impressed by Joe’s strong mentality. Her story revealed her resilient attitude and how obstacles haven’t stopped her from persuing what she loves. Despite being afraid of heights she is performing an act on a platform 4 meters above the ground and she tells us about how she overcame her fear. She’s not in it for the easy way, she says in her interview. But it’s not just her strong, focused mind that impressed me. At the same time she displayed such a warm and welcoming personality and showed consideration for the people that have supported her throughout her journey.

We recorded this interview before her first show with Knitting Peace. As of now she’s done several successful shows and is continuing to perform in the piece.

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I hope y’all enjoy this conversation and Joe’s inspiring story! Let us know your thoughts and questions in the comments down below.

It’s never too late to do what you love!


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