Seve Feathers on “Fleeting”

Today I have the honor to share my conversation with Seve Feathers who has been working on an artistic project called “Fleeting” for the last four years. She’s ready to premier it in Ireland in the first week of August 2021!

If you are someone who has been wondering how you can make it as an artist, this episode is for you! Seve Feathers made it from being a full-time french teacher at school to securing grants and funding from institutions in Ireland that support the arts. In this way she managed to make her art her job. In this conversation we not only talk about how “Fleeting” emerged and evolved, but she also tells us about the many things she has learned in the process.

Seve Feathers has been one of my biggest inspirations. She makes art relatable and rather than constructing something, her process is about uncovering what’s already there. I find it fascinating and so brave. I remember a quote from our interview we did for The Handstand Press magazine: “What do I care about skills? I’m an artist.” That quote stuck with me ever since. It shows how art has become a commodity. But Seve brought back a very refreshing view of what art is and what it’s for. She emobdies it, and it’s contageous.

I hope this conversation inspires you to look for resources for artists in your area!

Learn more about Seve:


Instagram: @sevefeathers

Read more about her journey of how she made the transition from teacher to artist in issue 02 of the Handstand Press magazine:


It’s never too late to do what you love!


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